East 2 West Entertainment Solutions  is a developing company proving three services shown below.

All information and details about services can be see below the photo of the service.





Hire a professional DJ for your party, Birthday,  Wedding, Anniversary or for your pub or club.


The standard package includes:



Laptop + Mixing Console

2 active speakers Mackie Thump 

4 Disco Moving heads

7 Disco Lights

1 Green Laser

Smoke machine







Conference        Setup


Hire a  Sound Engineer with PA and Lighting for your Conference, Congression, Graduation or Company meeting.


The standard package includes:


Sound Engineer

Mixing Desk/Mixer

2-4 active speakers Mackie Thump  (depends  on the size of the venue)

2 -4  Moving heads

Portable Podium + Microphone

Wireless Microphone




Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk- 07858353449
Recording         Studio


Opened in 2019 in a old warehouse on the back of the InTake Pub in Mansfield providing bugdet recording services. If you looking for a rehearsal room or want to record your song, vocals, demo or your instrument.

Conact us 

Some of the services:

- Recording vocals to a chosen backing track or song

- Recording an instrument

- Rehearsal room

- Learn how to Dj or play piano

- Learn fundamentals about recording and  music production.




Recording at Home

Record your instrument or vocal over a favourite karaoke/ backing tracks at your home.

Mix and mastering on the spot.


- Focusrite 6i6

- 2x AKG 120 perception

- Headphones (AKG, Shure, pioneer)

- Shure SM 58

- Ableton Live